10 November 2010

A Passionate Tuesday EOTD.

Hello all! How's everyone?
I haven't done an EOTD in a while so I thought I'd share one today :) (that is actually from yesterday lol)
enhanced the color more on this one so the colors show up better :)

This week has went by slowly...well that's how I feel anyway. Yesterday, I actually went to a Make Up event at my University. The celeb MUA Shon Simon for Glee came over and shared some of her tips and tricks.
Shon doing make up on the student models

She did a contest where she showed us a couple look she did for runway & shoots, then we were suppose to do our own looks on a partner. After that she narrowed down the best ones and picked a winner.

...so I won :) it was a fun experience! It was so wonderful to hear from an insider what it's like to work in the industry. This made me want to become a MUA even more! I mean ahem, after becoming an interior designer first :P

Here's my prize~

 a Stila Make Up case with speakers~ :D So cute !!
and there were a bunch of goodies inside

I'm going to make a revised ver. of the look I did on my partner, because I don't know if she wants her pic. published on here lol. Or maybe I'll redo it on her and show you all :)

anyway~~~~ have a happy, lazy, tired Wednesday!!

~ Lily

PS. products used for EOTD: 
Milani Brow Kit in 02
Coastal Scents Shimmer 88 palette. 
UD 24/7 Liner in Zero 
UD Deluxe shadow in Honey 
Mascara...(it honestly doesn't matter because they don't work on me anyway lol).


  1. i love the colors! and congrats on yesterday :) I wanted to go but had lab - boo. I want to see what you did yesterday lol

  2. Congratulations! I love your EOTD :)
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  3. Gorgeous! What a unique combination of colors!

  4. Ohhh congrats! That's super super cool. Always awesome to get recognized~ ;) such clean colors, prettty

  5. Congratulations!! THat is sooo cool!
    Will be looking forward to the more detailed one!

  6. yay!! :) I lovee the colors!

    <3 Kelly

  7. OMG my favorite look that you've done by FARRR!!!! *saves* i also want a digital camera for xmas (wink wink)

  8. ^-^ dang girl! You have talent! Beautiful eyeshadow!


  9. Wow, what bold choices of color! It's cool to experience make up!

  10. Super pretty eye make up! :) Love your make up case! so cute!


  11. hey meowsy,
    pretty swoon-worthy blog you've got a-going-on in here!
    keep up the top notch work you top notch blogger!
    x x x

  12. Gorgeous EOTD. luv the blend of colors.

    Wanna invite u to join the makeup lovers community. www.themakeupbee.com. I'm on there already :)

  13. woww omgg awesome colorss!! <33
    wish i could do that ;o



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