18 August 2010

Tonight, We Dine In....

I love how I skip like a week and I miss so much in the bloggiverse. Truth is I've been feeling pretty uninspired and frankly Lazy. But alas, I've got some Kitchen design inspirations for those who love to cook and maybe get some ideas for your next dream kitchen~

Open Space Plan
I'm drawn to super bright spaces, large windows, lots of light. The kitchen should be one of those rooms that is cheerful, and bright.
Like this one, if a kitchen is narrow and small, light should be used to open up the space. and it's so perfect for when you eat breakfast, you can look out the large window into the city, day dreaming :)
fancy something darker?

Maybe add some texture

This would be great for a chef!

Add Some color!

For those who likes simplicity, and clean lines

Tuscany style, the warmth of the tiles and the cabinets are very inviting

For a tight space

A little retro, the fridge is So cute

Do you like to cook?

Happy Eating!



  1. that dark one is just perfect for me! :D.

  2. There are weeks that I feel too lazy to blog as well. :D I'm loving that blue and white kitchen! :D

  3. i love modern kitchens! they feel so hightech, but at the same time i love a country inspired kitchen. thanks for the comment, subscribe if you enjoyed :)


  4. Thank you for the visit and comment :), very spacious interior decoration samples

  5. Love the retro mint one. So cute! I don't even cook lol D: totally can't. My mom can't cook either. My grandma makes the yummy foods, I eat them (:

    Acne sucks yeah ):

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  8. wauw! muy house has to look like that later!! xo

  9. Oh wow, the second one is beautiful. Even if it is a little small, it doesn't look small at all!
    Amazing post! xx

  10. I love to cook... and that giant pear is so cute. i want one. The kitchen with the GIANT fan over the cooking area is by far my fave. BUt I love the light and openness of the first two. I can't choose!

  11. I was checking out kitchens too yesterday. I love the stove in the 2nd photo. I don't know what my future kitchen will look like, but I know what my stove will look like! XD

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! You have a wonderful blog yourself!! I love the interior design photos - you have really good taste!! I am currently remodelling my house and I am always looking for good inspiration!!

    I am following you now, hope you will too!!!



  13. thanks for these pics...i've been planning my dream kitchen for a long time now and there are some great ideas here that i could use when i renovate mine...

    loving the last pic so much!


  14. These modern kitchens are really good. I however love the powder blue/aqua pops in the last one. Yes, teh fride is uber cute! :)

  15. i love the modern look of most of these kitchens. my hubby would kill for that chef's kitchen!

    hope you are feeling more inspired now. :)


  16. I love to cook, especially in one of those kitchens! The 7th and 10th are amazing!

    Adèle - http://moltocuriosa.com

  17. haha, i spend too much time in my kitchen :P it's like an old style one


  18. oooh retro blue and white, i want that.

  19. Awwe thank you so much. Srsly.

    I dunno. I think I just need to get through my issues alone now. I don't even think I should talk about it on the blog. I mean, I don't feel bad 100% of the time. Maybe only 60%. The other 40% I feel as normal as the next teen angst ridden girl hehe. The 60% I feel abnormal, because I should not fight with my parents and think bad about them and pity them or talk back to them. And they should not ignore me the way they do, or forget my name, or stuff like that. They should just be my parents, you know.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    I think maybe when I graduate and move out, everything'll calm down a bit.

  20. i'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking but i make a mean spag bol :) i'd love a kitchen with shabby chic, or the turquoise fridge, definitely. i'd dress up in a 50s circle skirt and swan about singing, "i feel pretty." :'')
    x x x

  21. Nice inspiration! I'm one of the very few people who don't want their kitchen in an open planning! ;)

  22. amazing kitchen, lovely inspirations pictures

  23. lily! :D

    i adore the tuscany plan.

    as always, you have such an eye for beauty.

    - dennica

  24. beautiful interiors, my fave is the open one, w/o wall cabinets above countertop.

  25. i looove cooking and love kitchen as much... these are really nice!

  26. Very inspiring! Tuscany is just right for me!


Thanks so much for commenting! I Really Appreciate them :)