10 August 2010

and I am a Material Girl~

Tired of studying for crap I can't even understand so I compiled a quickie wish list because I'm that bored~!!(apologize that it looks like amateur photoshop :P)
sooo I think if I save up until the end of eternity I'll be able to get the techs! haha


Looking at a new Macbook Pro (my macbook right now is Olllllddd)
a new DSLR camera, a step up from my point and shoot which i dislike mucho
a tv.....because I'll be really bored without one.
Creative me #1 palette from Coastal Scents , omfg it's gorgeous
A bunch of stuffs from Illamasqua!!! 
MAC 187 Stippling brush, mhmm
UD liner set, because they're my fav :)
and I'm looking at bags I want...idk what yet. I'm a bag hoarder o_o

I want a macbook pro so bad right now....so bad....
anyway spazzy me, I have to get back to studying x_x

Also, I found out that Transformers 3 is casting near my area XDD how exciting


  1. i just got a macbook pro and its the best thing EVER!!!! i also want a new camera. i want the rebel xsi soo bad! you have a good list!

  2. thats an excellent yet pricy list tho

    i want a DSLR and Macbook pro too

    but both items will burn my pocket with holes lol

  3. my macbook is old too! but it still works great, so im good. except the battery gets hot like hell

  4. aren't we all into material? lol

    i so want an ipad.

  5. I totally need a new camera too. My point and shoot sucks at taking macro shots. :(

  6. Great list! A bunch of stuff I want too! hahah Omg..Transformers 3 casting in your area?! How awesome!

  7. I love MAC lippy, my favourit has to be my ruby woo.

    Also DSLR, find a way to get one, totally amazing
    Love that bag and you've just reminded me i really should remove this old nailpolish


  8. Cute list!
    I'm not big on bags but that one is adorable

  9. great wish list , i want a canon camera too!


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