06 July 2010

Review: Clinique Oil Control Cleansing Mask

Summer time for many people means beaches, tanning, having fun in the sun. For some it's the troublesome skin problems that arise with the hot weather. Having super oily skin and breakouts can ruin anyone's day.
The Clinique Oil Control Cleansing Mask is clay based and the perfect choice for those who has oily to very oily skin, this mask claims to control oil and helps prevent breakouts.

Price: $19.50 USD  for 3.4 oz
Texture: smooth, applies into a very thin layer and dries quickly. but make sure face is completely dry and clean before applying.
Use: after cleansing face, pat dry and spread the mask on troubled areas or entire face, wait 5 minutes to dry and wash off with tepid water.  Finish with your own routine.
Effect: controls my oily face very well, skin feels refreshed and clean after.It doesn't dry out my face like other masks and it doesn't have any particular smells to it!
Overall: 5/5 !

SO when your face feels fresh and clean sit out with a glass of mojito and relax!
I really want one right now...

Anyone else tried this mask tell me what you think!


  1. I've been using it for awhile - especially when I notice bumps after removing my makeup. It does work - but I have a bad habit where I like variety and I want to have an arsenal of products that work, so I'm still on the lookout for a good mask/ointment that will reduce swelling and the sting from pimples.

    I'm cursed ... have bad skin :(

  2. Hi Fieran, I have the same dilemma as you :P also cursed with bad skin lol. I guess genes just decided to go against me when I was born.
    I Don't know what other products you've tried but I suggest DDF's Sulfur Therapeutic mask. it's a bit pricy but it's worked for me when I used it.
    Get a sample if you can because the containers are quite big and I couldn't finish mine before the expiration :(
    Good luck to you though!

  3. omg i need it! i've always felt that clinique really treated my acne breakouts well but it's all so expensive!

    i hope it's worth it cuz i think i'm getting this mask thing even if it costs like 20 bucks.

    i have SUCH oily skin. i keep a pack of oil blotting sheets nearby at all times!

  4. Cheers to bad skin, LOL.

    I've tried some Lush Masks like Mask of Magnaminty and Cupcake. They work pretty well - I keep them in the fridge and try not to worry about the expiry date.

    I've ben using Clinique's 3 Step Skincare range for about 6 months now.. works quite well - switched from Type 2 to Type 3 recently for Summer. That's why I picked up the oil control mask :)

    Hm, I don't think I can get DDF here, but I'll keep a lookout for it. Thanks :)


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