15 July 2010


I must find my inner peace!
my classes started this week and it's pretty much draining my energy since I'm not used to waking up early and sitting through 2 hour classes doesn't help at all :(
I haven't even had time to play with my make up since I think there's like a dead rodent or something in my house and there are (sorry if it's TMI), disgusting flies everywhere....which means it's my job to kill them all and clean up after!!
I'm just so tired right now....ugh
 SO in order to stay in a peaceful mood I did an "ethereal" look

something soft....and easy on the eyes

OKAY now off to kill more flies!!!


  1. did you do that make up!? it's absolutely gorgeous. do you do it professionally? cause if not. you should.
    x x x

  2. So pretty! I like the colors you used.

  3. gorgeous! i always find it to relaxing to put on makeup. it's one of the ways i de-stress. :)

  4. thanks everyone :D

    @ Jewel, Yes I did :) and thank you very much! Actually for now I'm just experimenting, and playing with make up. I don't do it professionally but I do help my friends out a lot regarding make up & skin care. and I hope to do it professionally one day :D

  5. lovely colours choice! Suit your eyes well! I hope you found inner peace and killed all thoes flies :D

  6. and thank you for your very sweet comment!
    i can't wait to see more make up looks from you :)
    x x x


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