28 July 2010

Dior F/W 2010 TUTORIAL

A few of you requested a tutorial of the look in my previous post. So Here it is! My first tutorial-ish hahaa~ be gentle :x

FYI: This is a modified/inspired version and I'm using what's available to me, so the results is going to be different :)

 Step 1: Foundation, left is me w/o any make up, tired and uneven skin tone+ lots of scarring, right: to achieve a flawless finish I used L'oreal Infallible advanced never fail make up. see how I look less tired and ugly :D

Step 2: I used a lighter foundation to cover up my brows a little more, in the actual photo, the model's brows are completely covered and new brows are penciled in. I don't have spirit gum, etc so I tried to lighten mine as much as I can. Good thing my brows are already pretty light and sparse =.=, then I applied a base to my lids (nude cream shadow) providing a smooth canvas for the next step :D
Step 3: using colors 1 and 2 (any orange will do), apply only on the bottom part of lid, do not go pass the crease. 

step 4: (notice how I switched eyes lol) I used a flat synthetic brush and a pigment stick and drew out a basic shape for the color block above the orange , it's outlined in pink so you can get a good idea of the shape.
Step 5: (sorry switched eyes again...) so after the outline, I just filled in the rest using the same brush. and then applied color 3&4 for the final color(bottom picture)
Step 6: brows, since the model's brows are super arched, I tried to tone it down, a little higher than what I usually do and I extended it further
Step 7: I used a pale shimmery yellow to line the bottom of my eye and applied liquid liner to the top, a very thin winged out line. Or you could make it thick and cover most of it up with orange.Or you can skip the step and apply falsies, I'm not using any in this one.
and curl your lashes, apply mascara bla bla and here's the final product!
For lips I used the darkest color I have. Quite shameful it's not even that dark :P I don't wear dark lippies AT ALL. :x

but hmm,you can wear this look out to the club, for halloween(dunno what costume),for parties, to drink water.....to watch tv, for a day out...just kidding lol

sooo I hope you like this tutorial, if you decide to try it out please share :)

have fun!

<3 Lily


  1. Great job in replicating the model. Such a hot look!

  2. Holy crap that's good! I want you to use my face to practice! :D Good job!

  3. thats pretty intense. i like that blue :)

  4. Fantastic!!! wow!

    lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa

  5. whoa, good make-up skill... u are talented.

  6. yay for the tutorial !!!! but i would never dare to walk in the streets with this kind of make up, it is so crazy xD !!!!!


  7. awesome tutorial! Thank you for showing how and its such a cool look!! You look awesome in it!!

  8. thanks everyone for commenting and the support :D

    I'll be sure to make more! lolol

  9. sooo cool! it looks great on you.. I have to try it too! love your blog

  10. woah awesome tutorial! i'm srsly obsessed with makeup tutorials right now. been watching a few gothloli makeup vids and random michelle phan vids hahaha srsly i've never been so obsessed = =

    i don't even WEAR makeup! i mean.. concealer, eyeliner, lip butter, done. i'm thinking i need a whole new look.

    anyway you look great in bright blue and orange. just sayin'. :D

    OMFG i moved here in 99 too! well... 1999-2000. YEAH we didn't even have a computer in china!!! and when we needed to take a bath we had to BOIL water. or something i totally don't remember. there were like NO HOT-N-COLD FAUCETS. only thing i remember from my childhood lol.

    i don't even remember most of my friends' names. i doubt they'll have facebook. i heard chinese education systems are strict. no facebook allowed or smthing. same here at my high school. no facebook allowed on the computers at school... but everyone has a mobile with fb attached anyway. except me that is :3

    renren.com? i can't read chinese btw... T^T

  11. wuah great!
    u look lovely.. may be i should try it.
    thx for sharing :)

  12. wow, what a great job. you have the perfect brush to do this look!


  13. i love it! nice tut.. a new follower here =)


  14. this looks beautiful lily. if only i had patience to put makeup on me. lol


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