20 December 2010

dracula winter!

Hey ladies and gents!

Sorry I've been busy and haven't updated in a while . But I'm sorta back but now I gotta blog thru my phone! Ahh.
I recently did a shoot for the dracula contest sponsored by make up for ever and I need votes!.so please click on the link provided and view my entry #416!! Also help me by voting and spreading the word!! vote for me!
Thanks much guys!!!
Will update soon :)

Edit: forgot to credit Kay from designedbykay for the photos!

10 November 2010

A Passionate Tuesday EOTD.

Hello all! How's everyone?
I haven't done an EOTD in a while so I thought I'd share one today :) (that is actually from yesterday lol)
enhanced the color more on this one so the colors show up better :)

This week has went by slowly...well that's how I feel anyway. Yesterday, I actually went to a Make Up event at my University. The celeb MUA Shon Simon for Glee came over and shared some of her tips and tricks.
Shon doing make up on the student models

She did a contest where she showed us a couple look she did for runway & shoots, then we were suppose to do our own looks on a partner. After that she narrowed down the best ones and picked a winner.

...so I won :) it was a fun experience! It was so wonderful to hear from an insider what it's like to work in the industry. This made me want to become a MUA even more! I mean ahem, after becoming an interior designer first :P

Here's my prize~

 a Stila Make Up case with speakers~ :D So cute !!
and there were a bunch of goodies inside

I'm going to make a revised ver. of the look I did on my partner, because I don't know if she wants her pic. published on here lol. Or maybe I'll redo it on her and show you all :)

anyway~~~~ have a happy, lazy, tired Wednesday!!

~ Lily

PS. products used for EOTD: 
Milani Brow Kit in 02
Coastal Scents Shimmer 88 palette. 
UD 24/7 Liner in Zero 
UD Deluxe shadow in Honey 
Mascara...(it honestly doesn't matter because they don't work on me anyway lol).

01 November 2010

Hotel 7 Lets You Live in Your Fantasy~

Holy cheese balls I've been busy!!! So sorry!!! :( but I promise good things will come soon.

But for now I'm gonna share some beautiful inspiration interiors from The Seven Hotel Paris

Seven Hotel is located in Paris, France (of course). They have seven suites, and several other rooms starting with reasonable prices.

The interiors for the rooms and suites are absolutely stunning! take a look !

these are just the regular rooms

If you don't fancy the bold colors and the electric designs of the single room rates, check out the 007 Suite

Not feeling Bond? Try the Alice fantasy suite

Orr how about The Black Diamond?

Or the Marie Antoinette Suite?

There are a few more suites that you can check out on their website at www.sevenhotelparis.com

I hope this has motivated you to be more creative with your own room/house/apt...and if you're ever in Paris, go visit Seven Hotel!!

ps. I changed my blog name to lilylily :) but still the same link of banappleart!

08 October 2010

Hey Friday! Review Series! & Things

I have not updated in almost a month, and I'm kinda upset over it! I've been super busy with school and now I've got a LOT of blog reading to catch up to. :P

So Now I'm going to make a plan, a blog mini series every friday called "Hey Friday!" Where I review, rant, or rave about some of my favorite products...or least favorite. This way I can actually post some more :)

This Week's Hey Friday! Review features Biggs & Featherbelle
I recently went to Crafty Bastards, which is a local Arts & Crafts fair in the DC region and many local artists, shops, ETSY artists come to showcase their stuff!

Biggs & Featherbelle makes "Health Conscious Body Care" and they're located in Baltimore MD, they had quite a busy booth(will post more pictures from the fair later in this post)
So I picked up a couple of their handmade soaps

Barbados, and Lemon Bar  

Both of these bars smell amazingdeliciouscitrusdivine, think LUSH but more local, lol

Barbados is made with pink grapefruit, sweet orange & essential oils
Lemon Bar has Shea butter with lemon grass, and more essential oils.

I've only now just tried barbados, and this bar leaves my skin squeaky clean! and smell of orange, Love it!

here's the naked barbados bar that I've tried lol

Lemon bar smells super refreshing, like a cool glass of lemonade...good enough to drink, or eat lol. I mean, they're all natural soaps anyway =)

Their packaging is so freaking cute!!!

So go check them out at www.Biggsandfeather.com! They have some great soaps,soaks,body butters!


More photos from the fair,
cute lil monster scuplture figurine
There was a HUGE bboy battle :)

more battlin'

monster journals! super soft

Sourtang & I

Soo Happy Friday, I have so much to do this weekend but I gotta get back in to my regular postings!!!